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Gold Medal Mini Plan

 8 HOME GAMES for $80 

Friday, May 8th (Opening Day!) 
Saturday, May 23rd 
Saturday, June 13th 
Saturday, July 4th 
Wednesday, July 15th (All-Star Game!) 
Saturday, August 1st 
Saturday, August 29th 
Saturday, September 19th 

A seat must be selected per package. A representative will contact you to select your seat so please fill out the entire information form prior to your online purchase. 

Gold Medal Mini Plan tickets exchange policy is the same as single game tickets. They can be exchanged up to 24 hours in advance to the game date listed. 

Gold Medal Mini Plan Ticket Packs will be available for pickup at Fanfest on Saturday, April 18th!

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Product Name Gold Medal Mini Plan 
Price $80.00